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Whether you're using your candles for aromatherapy or ritual purpose, rest assured that they've been handcrafted with higher frequencies of uplifting energy and scent throwing dankness; all by Ninas420life herself!
This is a paraffin, soy wax blend.
60% Paraffin increases scent throw.
40% soy increases burn time and purity.


Scents Profiles:

Almost Summer: Clean. Bright sunny skies, beach vibes, and sunscreen is what this baby smells like!

Pumpkin Spice: Spicy, Herbaceous, Warm

Lily of the Valley: Floral. Don't let this poisonous flower fool you! Notes of fresh rain, and sweet woodlands.

Autumn Leaves: Clean. Notes of Patchouli, Clove, and Berries present a crisp and autumn friendly fragrance. Perfect for collecting beautiful autumn leaves.

Black Currant & Cassis: Warm, Fruity, Musky. Hint of Vanilla Musk, with black currant berry.

Green Apple: Fruity. Everyone knows that crisp aroma of biting into a green apple. Fill your space with this nostalgic spring fruit.

Hemp Oil: Earthy. Hemp Seed Galore...Of course, this scent cannot get you stoned by inhaling, but it sure is therapeutic!

Tahitian Orange & Musk:  Musky, Earthy, Fruity. A fruiter spin on the Yes man. Notes of blood orange citrus and exotic musk.



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