Anyone Can Twerk!!!

It’s not about how big your butt is! It’s about how well you can control it, in combo with the flow and rhythm of your hips. I’ve combined all of my videos in one place to help you ladies and gentlemen with this challenge! Don’t forget there’s also floor work for dummies up for grabs under the “videos” tab!



Do you like to get your pussy licked/eaten

Tayler Jones

I bought the floor work video and it only let me watch it 3 times I thought once I bought it I could watch it whenever??

Herbert Washington

Need more plus size material to choose from



Your tutorial videos are great, but I’m the type that needs 1×1 Will you ever have a twerk class in Atlanta?

If not, are there dancers in Atlanta that you recommend that teach these types of classes? Could you please drop their contact info.

Much appreciated,


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