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Glamor photos with Nina is the perfect opportunity to create new content for your social media, have updated photos for bookings, and pick up techniques on how to pose for social media.

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Nina Ross

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"Made my first $1000 yesterday! Thanks for the tips! The 'would you rather' was a great hit with the guys."

-Vicky from LV

"About last night!!! I did what you told me! It worked! Made over a grand last night! I had made $400 my last Friday! Thank you so much,  I'm so thankful that I invested into you! You're amazing ♥️ ♥️"


"Nina! Your tips helped me soo much last night! I sold 2 VIPS & kept selling dances back to back! It was so much easier to talk to people. I felt like it was wayy easier to be more outgoing, and to mingle before I went on stage. I made $600 more than I would have! It was easy to sell the VIPS! Thank you sm! ♥️♥️"

-@katiagiselle1, PDX

"Wow the advice you gave on striptea really changed the whole way I approach men in the club! When I tell you NOTHING was the same, girl, NOTHING was the same. It’s the best $28 I have ever spent. I spend more than that on weed every other day lol. Thank you for your time & efforts to help others elevate in this industry! I WILL be purchasing that 101 course on Monday!"

-@organichotmess, LV



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